Infex 8 Integrated roughness and contour measuring instrument

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Description Item specifics
No need to exchange detector and stylus, the dimension, shape, waviness and roughness data can be measured by one time scan.

These four parameters will affect the accuracy and work life of the bearing and 
they are must be controlled during the manufacturing.


Perform roughness, waviness and contour analysis by one time measurement.
To complete full range of roughness and waviness measurement.
Equipped with new design digital detector for X axis direction, with higher accuracy.
Adopt self-developed multi-segment high precision detector for Z1 axis (detector unit).
With super wide range multi-segment high precision detector, it can maintain the original accuracy of the detector with a maximum level performance.
Adopt high rigidity, high precision, maintenance-free linear motion guide rail, can control the system with high precision.
With high speed parallel data acquisition unit, hardware trigger, high speed sampling by hardware, no delay.
Sufficiently dense and stable data sources provide good guarantee for later stage data processing and calculations.

Advantages of integrated roughness and contour measuring instrument than traditional instrument


Technical Specification:
Description   Infex 8
Column Range 320-620mm
Drive unit Range 100-200mm
Indication accuracy[1] ±(0.8+2L/100)μm
Straightness[2] ≤0.3μm/100mm
Detector Range 0-±10mm
Resolution 0.01-0.05μm
Z axis linear accuracy ±(0.8+0.15H)μm[3]
Roughness indication accuracy ≤±(8nm+3.5%)
Repeatability[4] 1δ≤2nm
Residual noise[5] ≤0.012μm
Stylus Standard, diamond 5μm/90°
Measuring accuracy Arc[6] ≤±(1.2+R/12)μm
Pt Arc Pt[6] ≤±0.3μm
Angle[7] ≤±1′
Operation table Integrated ergonomically designed table

[1]:  (L: measuring length)
[2]:  (λc is 2.5mm, optical flat sampling speed≤0.3mm/s.)
[3]:  (H: measuring height)
[4]:  (measuring with square wave standard gauge block, Ra is 0.35 ~ 0.5μm.)
[5]:  (λc is 0.08mm, optical flat sampling speed 0.1mm/s.)
[6]:  (R: standard ball, 2mm<R<10mm,sampling arc angle is 120°.)
[7]:  (60° and 90° angle block gauge,sampling angle edge length is 5mm.)

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