CBS4100 Series Cylindricity Measuring Instrument

Item No.:

Description Item specifics
Dual-axis grating counting technology, multi-element evaluation.
Can measure the cylindricity, perpendicularity, coaxiality and other parameters of the ring and rolling element.


Technical Specification:

Model No. CBS4100 CBS4200
Turntable unit Bearing type Air-floating
Rotary accuracy[1] (0.025+6H/10000) μm
Rotary speed 6 rpm 4 / 6 / 8 /10 rpm
Table effective diameter 180 mm
Max. workpiece diameter 420 mm 560 mm
Max. measuring diameter 250 mm 280 mm
Max. table load-bearing 25 kg
Vertical axis (Z axis) Vertical motion range 320 mm
Vertical motion drive way by electric
Column straightness[2] ≤0.5 μm / 100 mm ≤0.3 μm / 100 mm
Max. measuring depth 100 mm (Min. inner diameter 30 mm)
Horizontal arm (R axis) Horizontal motion range 165mm
Excess range 25mm
Horizontal motion drive way by electric
Detector Acquisition device circular grating
Sampling points number in circle 8192 points 14400 points
Detector type Inductive detector
Detector measuring range ± 300 μm
Detector resolution Max. 0.001 μm
R axis High precision grating detector (resolution 0.5μm)
Z axis High precision grating detector (resolution 0.5μm)
[1]:  (H: the height from table)
[2]:  (λc is 2.5mm, optical flat sampling speed≤0.3mm/s.)
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