CBP-V Series Bearing Raceway Quick Measuring Instrument

Item No.:

Description Item specifics
Measuring function:
raceway radius, raceway shape (PV), raceway center distance, raceway edge distance.

Dedicated fast measurement solution design for bearing raceway shape measurement.
Place and start measurement immediately, no need adjustment.
One-button measurement works.
With integrated air floating anti-vibration operation table, can maintain high precision measurement even in the workshop.

Technical Specification:
Description CBP-V Series
Instrument Specification Max. measuring length 10-60mm //relative to the table
Max. raceway measuring depth 12mm
Outer ring min. inner diameter Φ12mm
Outer ring max. outer diameter Φ120mm
Inner ring min. inner diameter Φ10mm
Inner ring max. outer diameter Φ160mm
Accuracy Guide rail straightness[1] 0.5μm/60mm
Sampling interval 0.5μm
Detector linear accuracy[2] ≤(1.5+0.1H)μm
Arc[3] 1.5μm
Pt Arc Pt[3] 0.4μm
Measuring efficiency Parts fix time ≤2s
Single raceway measurement ≤20s
Double raceway measurement ≤40s
Data processing ≤1s
[1]:  (λc is 2.5mm, optical flat sampling speed≤0.3mm/s.)
[2]:  (H: measuring height)
[3]:  (R: standard ball, 2mm<R<10mm,sampling arc angle is 120°.)

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