CBP-D2000 Series Double Direction Contour Measuring Instrument

Item No.:

Description Item specifics
Use double-sided conical stylus with double direction measuring software to perform the contour, angle, distance of different position, the radius of arc and other items measurement.

Technical Specification:
Description CBP-D2000
Column Range 320-620mm
Drive unit Range 100-200mm
Indicating accuracy[1] ±(0.8+2L/100)μm
Straightness[2] ≤0.5μm/100mm
Detector Range 0~±30mm
Indicating accuracy[3] ±(0.8+|0.15H|)μm
Resolution 0.01-0.2μm
Bearing diameter measuring range Inner ring outer diameter Φ2-φ40mm
Outer ring inner diameter Φ10-φ70mm
Accuracy Arc[4] ≤±(1.5+R/12)μm
Angle[5] ≤±1′
Diameter ≤±(1.8+D/10)μm
[1]:  (L: measuring length)
[2]:  (λc is 2.5mm, optical flat sampling speed≤0.3mm/s.)
[3]:  (H: measuring height)
[4]:  (R: standard ball, 2mm<R<10mm,sampling arc angle is 120°.)
[5]:  (60° and 90° angle block gauge,sampling angle edge length is 5mm.)

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