CBA-M Series Oversize Bearing Roundness Measuring Instrument

Item No.:

Description Item specifics
Max. measuring diameter 1200mm.
Max. load-bearing 300kg.
With automatic centering adjustment.
Control box convenient for all motion operation.

Specially designed fixture advantages:
The clamping force is adjustable, can avoid measurement deviation caused by the deformation of the measured part due to clamping.
Make preliminary positioning by digital caliper,convenient for operation.
With 2 point support structure, the parts with same specification can be placed and measured immediately after precise positioning, no need repeated centering adjustment.
Adopt with light weight body design,the rotary accuracy will be not affected by the clamp weight.

Technical Specification:
Description CBA-M Series
Turntable unit Bearing type Air-floating
Rotary accuracy[1] ±(0.3+6H/10000)μm
Rotary speed 2~6rpm
Table effective diameter 500mm
Workpiece diameter 600-1250mm
Measuring diameter 600-1200mm
Max. table load-bearing 300kg
Vertical axis (Z axis) Vertical motion range 480mm
Vertical motion drive way by electric
Max. measuring depth 100mm( inner diameter 30mm)
X axis motion range 200mm
Horizontal arm Horizontal motion range 165mm
Excess range 25mm
Horizontal motion drive way by electric
Detector Acquisition device circular grating
Sampling points number in circle 144000points
Detector type Inductive detector
Detector range ±500μm
Detector resolution Max.0.001μm
[1]:  (H: the height from table)

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